I love clothes, but, like almost everyone else on the planet, I have finite financial resources. So, getting a deal on great clothes is something I love even more. Some off-price retailers (think J. Crew Factory, Banana Republic Factory, etc.) have completely separate lines that are sold in those lower-price stores. And you can find some great stuff there! But when I think about getting a bona fide deal, I think about getting the clothes that I would find at Bloomingdales or Saks but for a (preferably steep) discount. I’m all about those bargains, baby!

Since we’ve got one month of summer left and we’ve gotta make it count, I scouted some fantastic deals for a few of my favorite summery things and linked them below. Most of them are from Saks Off Fifth, which is offering 20% off your first order which really ups the ante! The retail gods must have heard my prayers and the stars aligned in our favor.

Equipment Bargains:

Equipment is one of my very favorite brands; their silk shirts are a staple of mine. I think I probably wear an Equipment piece at least once every two weeks. The cut is flattering, the fabric is to die for, and they are just plain pretty. If heaven were a silk shirt, this would be it!! And their other products do not disappoint, either. I have had a few of my Equipment pieces for several years now and they have held up really well. Just make sure you use a good dry cleaner who won’t chip all the buttons (isn’t that the WORST!?)!

Equipment clothing retails for a lot of cashola, but Saks Off Fifth has several different styles for a good discount. Here are a few shirts, sweaters, and dresses that I have my eye on. Perfect for work or play!

That slip dress? So pretty!! I have the blue ombre rolled sleeve top in solid black and have probably worn it +10 times this summer (+11 if you count the photo up top!)! Feels like butter 🙂

Shoe Bargains:

Shoes. There is something to be said for getting a pair of super trendy shoes at the Primark/Forever 21 price point, especially if you don’t think the trend will stick around for a while. That’s what I do with any trend that I think will swing into style quickly and swing out of style even quicker! But, in general, I think shoes are one area where you get what you pay for. If you go the cheap route, they won’t last as long and your feet will pay in blood and pain (hello, blisters!), which is a total buzzkill. One exception might be espadrilles, because I find they tend to fray regardless of how much you spent. Anyone else feel that way?

Here are some good-quality shoes that you can get for a great deal that will carry you through the rest of the summer (they are all neutral and super versatile!). Then it’s on to fall shoes, my fave 🙂

The Vince Camuto loafers would look great with white skinnies and a chambray top! Simple, classic, and summery.

Sunglasses Bargains:

Outlets and factory stores are a great place to find sunglasses and Saks Off Fifth and Nordstrom Rack are my go-to’s. They always have a million options and I can always find something I like. But all of those options can make it overwhelming – I hear you there. Big trends right now are round glasses (I like bigger lenses – it makes them a little less John Lennon-y) and the cat eye is BACK. Here are a few of my favorites:

I’m especially loving the Oliver Peoples pair!

Equipment, shoes, and sunglasses. Those are 3 things I’m always stalking online and in the outlets because they are 3 of the best areas to get amazing deals! And right now you can get an even steeper discount because it’s the end of the season. Total win!