Have you ever had an outfit dilemma? Yea, me too. More often than I’d like to admit. We’ve all had those days. You lost track of time or something else in your day ran OT and you have to be out the door for dinner with friends…like, yesterday. Luckily for us I have an easy outfit solution: look chic as hell at warp speed! It’s a foolproof way to look great when you don’t have time to dream up an amazing outfit.

Here’s my go-to outfit solution:

Jeans, an interesting shoe, a neutral layering piece, and a third piece.

| Tank | Vest | Jeans | Shoes (last season, current version linked!) |
| Bag | Bracelet 1 (it’s a choker!) | Bracelet 2 |

1. Jeans:

The most obvious choice! Pretty much any pair of jeans goes with anything, any way you choose to wear them. I have a bunch of pairs of skinnies that fit so well that they’re no-brainers. That’s the first thing I grab as I make my way through my closet like the Tasmanian devil.

2. Interesting shoe:

Since the rest of my outfit is going to be relatively neutral and safe – there’s no time for experimenting with something new and different when you’re on a tight timeline – I always grab a shoe that will add some interest. I also go for one that will add some height, seeing as I’m a shorty and am rarely caught in the wild without a heel. It’s a great opportunity to pick a shoe that will steal the show!

I got these shoes last summer and they are shockingly comfy and make me feel [borderline] cool. This specific color combo isn’t available anymore, but I linked the current version.

3. Neutral Layering Piece:

I’m a big believer in having a strong selection of high-quality, well-designed basics. I keep all of my basic tops in one place, specifically for situations just like these.

Not all basics need to be $100, either! The tank I’m wearing (super comfy, by the way) was under $30 and it’s on sale now for even less. It requires a strapless or a racerback bra, so make sure you’ve got one of those. I just got this racerback and would highly recommend it!

A neutral layering piece is a good foundation for a third piece and the jewelry you’ll stuff in your bag to put on later as you run out the door.

4. Third Piece

Of all the people whose style I love, if I had to pick one fashion muse it would be Olivia Palermo (I have a collection of my favorite fashion girls’ best looks over on my Pinterest page that you should totally check out!). Anyway, Olivia often talks about the idea of a third piece on her blog. In most photos of her in magazines, on Pinterest, etc., she is wearing one. A jacket, a sweater, a vest; a third piece will bring your boring old jeans and basic top to the next level and make it look like you spent more than a frenzied 5 minutes getting ready.

A third piece takes a typical outfit and makes it seem a little more pulled together.

It doesn’t have to be a Chanel jacket, either – you can find great third pieces at Zara or H&M. This time around I grabbed a soft green utility vest that I picked it up at Saks Off Fifth. Right now it’s less than $50! Pick something that will add some more interest to your look, whether it’s patterned, drapey, embroidered, sequined, has ties/pockets/zippers, etc.

There are some third piece options linked at the bottom of this post!

As I’m running out the door to catch my Uber before the driver leaves without me, I grab any bag that will work with my clothes, my wallet, my phone, and whatever jewelry I can get my hands on before the clock runs out. I have a collection of delicate necklaces that I mix and match – Forever 21 is the best for things like that! I love to layer them together, so I always try to grab a few of those.

| Similar Necklace 1 | Exact Necklace 2 | Lip (in the color Kiss) |

That’s my foolproof outfit solution! I like to mix it up, but when time is not on my side I’m happy I have it in my back pocket. Do you have a go-to outfit solution?? Let me know what it is!

Here are a few third piece ideas. Click to shop!