Want to hear some great advice? It’s about eyebrows. My friend Elizabeth was visiting from NYC and as she was doing her brows one day, she mused that “they should be sisters, not twins!” I have never heard more sage beauty advice and now I’m feeling the need to share the wealth. This one’s all about brow care.

That statement is very true if you think about it. No one’s got 2 carbon copy eyebrows IRL, so don’t try to make them match exactly. Personally? Mine are more like cousins. A lot of people do too much to their brows. They over-tweeze, over-shape, over-fill, over-everything, all in the name of making them match. But that’s the thing, they shouldn’t! Should they be similar? Yes. Should they be perfectly twinning? Not if you want them to look natural.

That got me thinking. Brows can be really tricky! Too much arch or too high and you’ll look perpetually surprised, too far apart and you look kinda funny, too thick and they overpower the rest of your face, outlined and filled in or too perfect and it’s a dead giveaway that they’re, um, enhanced.

Brows Should:
  • Start above the inner corner of your eye. I saw somewhere that if you held a pencil against the side of your nose up to your brow bone, that’s where your eyebrow should start. Good advice!
  • End past the outer corner of your eye. If I draw a line from the corner of my nose to the outer corner of my eye and extend it toward my hairline, I like for my brow to end along that same line. It’s all about geometry…and whatever looks best for your face!
  • Never be outlined
  • Never be shaped like a comma or a caterpillar
  • Not be over plucked/waxed (save yourself some time, some cash$$, and pain)
  • Not be solidly filled in, because texture is a cool thing
  • Not be unnaturally thick – thick brows are in and look great, but overpowering brows are a different story
Brow Care:

Waxing, threading, tweezing, or a more permanent option (electrolysis, laser hair removal, yadda yadda) there are several brow care options. I think it’s really a personal preference type of deal. I break out whenever I have my brows waxed, so threading and tweezing are my go-to’s.

I think brow care falls into two camps. Sometimes they just need to be cleaned up, like maintenance. But other times they really need a total overhaul and you need to have them shaped.


For maintenance, I either do it myself with tweezers or go to a threading spa and ask for them to be cleaned up and trimmed. If you have someone do them for you, be very specific with what you want and what you don’t want, especially where thickness is concerned. It is better to have less removed than more. You can always go back in with tweezers if you decide you want a them thinner, but once it’s gone, it’s gone! At least for a few weeks.

If you’re tweezing them yourself, don’t use one of those magnifying mirrors because those things are like the devil. You’re pretty much guaranteed to overdo it. Use a regular mirror and step back every few hairs to check your progress. And the biggest issue? Know when it’s time to stop! Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Put the tweezers down…it is so, so easy to go overboard.


I think of eyebrow care the same way I do a haircut: most of the time I just need a trim, but occasionally my hair needs a total overhaul. Same deal with eyebrows! About twice a year I like to get my brows shaped. If you need a good shaping session, my best advice is to go to a salon. Someone who specializes in brows will know what shape will best flatter your face and features.

Be sure to mention you want them shaped when you make your appointment, and let the esthetician know what you’re looking for when you show up. Some places offer shaping as a specific service, and other places offer general eyebrow appointments – you just need to explain what you’re looking for.

Once your brows are well-defined, filling them in is so much less of a chore. Next up, the art of filling them in and fooling everyone into thinking you didn’t. Brows – Part 2 will be up next Monday! It’s a good one, so make sure to check back in.