It’s an Amazon world and we’re just living in it. This one’s for you, Queens of the Amazon and lovers of the Prime: my top 5 Amazon beauty buys.

  1. My favorite face cleanser: Neogen Green Tea Face Wash
    I love this cleanser so much I keep 2 bottles on hand just in case. It is a great second cleanse if you are a double-cleanse kind of girl like I am. It’s gentle enough that my skin doesn’t feel stripped and tight after using it, and yet it’s effective at getting the impurities and daily grime off my face. For those of you with sensitive skin, it is a great non-irritating option and isn’t overly fragranced. It smells lightly of green tea in a “I think it’s natural” kind of way.
  2. My favorite facial exfoliant: Neogen Wine Bio-Peel
    This product is by the same brand as the face wash above. A sweet coworker sent a package of these peel pads to me after one of my knee surgeries (a girl after my own heart!) because she loves them and knew they’d be right up my alley. After just a few uses I was totally hooked. If you have dry skin like me, these are a must have! There are 30 double-sided pads soaked in a wine serum that slip over your fingers. You use the more textured side first in small circular motions to physically exfoliate and lift the dead skin cells from your face, which opens your pores and allows for better absorption of the serum. Then you swap to the smoother side, which wipes away those dead skin cells and pats the serum into your skin. They leave your skin “smoother, brighter, and tighter” and so gull dang soft. These are an absolute must for me once or twice a week and especially to prep my skin before a big day/dinner/event. I’m running low…note to self: must reorder!
  3. My favorite faux tan: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads
    I, like most people, start my summers off pale as a ghost from a winter spent binge watching series after series on Netflix. These glow pads pack a double-punch: they deposit color while exfoliating that top layer of winter skin away. Since I exfoliate my face regularly it’s always a few shades lighter than the rest of my body, so I use the face pads year-round and I typically use the body pads throughout the summer or before a mid-winter beach break.
  4. My favorite toothbrush: Philips Sonicare FlexCare Toothbrush
    This might be a funny favorite to have, but an electric toothbrush was a great investment for me. We all know how to brush our teeth, it’s not rocket science. But this puppy takes any of the guess work out of polishing those pearly whites. I know I won’t be brushing too hard (isn’t that the humble brag of dental hygiene?!), I’ll be brushing for the correct amount of time, and I’ll be spending equal time on all areas of my mouth. My dentist always mentions that she sees a difference between patients who use an electric toothbrush and those who don’t, so extra points for the ego boost. It holds its charge for a long time (like, months long!), so it’s no more cumbersome to bring along on a trip than a regular toothbrush. Is it possible to fan-girl a toothbrush? Also, don’t forget to swap out the brush heads regularly because, bacteria.
  5. My favorite lash serum: RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner
    Recently I ended a months-long relationship with eyelash extensions and my normally lackluster eyelashes were in dire straits. I’ve been using this every night for about 12 weeks and I’m really glad I bought it! My lashes look healthy again and they’re pretty long, definitely way longer than normal. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all like some of those serums do, and a small bit goes a long way. It’s not the cheapest product but I think it will last me a while. It’s definitely cheaper than those extensions I was getting…

What are your top Amazon beauty buys? Anything I need to try?