Have you ever heard of Gray Malin? His work is probably – definitely – my #1 photography obsession…it is so completely swoon-worthy. He finds the most gorgeous locations, hops in helicopters, and hangs out of them to take his photographs from a real bird’s eye view. I’ve been obsessed for years and think you will be, too!

Beaches on Amazon


His beach photos, both aerial and otherwise, are probably what he’s best known for (His first coffee table book is naturally entitled BEACHES – and his second, called ESCAPE, comes out this October. Click the images above and below to see them on Amazon.), but I have yet to see a single piece of his that doesn’t make my heart go pitter-patter. The shores of Australia, Central Park, Coney Island, the Amalfi Coast, Martha’s Vineyard, even Antarctica. His creativity and his eye are really something special – his images are whimsical and bright and would add a lot of life to any space, not to mention they’re a great conversation starter. What a special way to bring one of your favorite places into your home, right?!

Escape on Amazon

He recently released images from his second collection at the Parker Palm Springs. Elephants wandering the hotel grounds carrying balloons. Panthers hanging by the pool. Kangaroos on the staircase. His photographs are all crazy and fun but really beautiful, too. What I love the most is that his photos could work just as well in a fun nursery or playroom as they could in a chic and refined dining or living room because they’re so. darn. dynamic.

His work will run you a pretty penny, but from time to time he releases a series of his photographs as phone backgrounds. I almost always have one on my phone and think you should totally get in on the action by getting on his newsletter list. Also, his Instagram is a must-follow. Check him out at @graymalin.

Only downer is that I can’t choose a favorite. I want them all. Which piece would you add to your home?

P.S. He’s giving 20% off your first order right now! Make sure you redeem on his website, www.graymalin.com!