Pajamas are a funny thing. As a teenager and throughout college, I couldn’t have cared less about what I wore to bed because who the heck cared? Definitely not me. Probably not my roommates. My idea of pajamas was an old t-shirt and whatever sweatpants or shorts I could find. Pajamas seemed like a silly thing to care about.

But times have changed and there’s something about a good set of pajamas that makes me feel good. Nice pajamas are just something I believe in. Your day can be really crappy, but then you put on cute, comfy PJ’s and climb into bed and it’s like ending your bad day with a win, even if it’s a really small one. I’m all about those small victories!

The other day I found these pajamas and I was in love!  And for a funny reason. When I was about 4 years old I would to watch this show called Bananas in Pajamas obsessively. Did you ever watch? It’s the most absurd concept about just what you might think – bananas living their best life in pajamas. The theme song had true staying power, too….I still can sing it word for word, 22 years later. You should YouTube it. Thank me later. Needless to say, when I saw bananas on pajamas it spoke to my inner 4 year old and I was sold.

And for $23 they were a total steal! They’re sold out in the banana print, but they have them in this fun pineapple print which I think I like even better. They are soft and comfy, but definitely quite cheeky! These furry slides are all over the place right now. I think North West may be the origination point of the trend, back when she wore a toddler-sized slipdress over a tee and made that the new hot trend, too. NW knows what’s up! I’m not about to wear them to work because HR wouldn’t be thrilled, but for house shoes they’re a fun alternative. And they are REALLY comfortable, and that’s not typically a compliment I care to bestow on a shoe 😉

If you aren’t already on the good pajama train, you should definitely hop on!! If you need some inspo, here are a few other favorite ‘jama picks that are sure to give you sweet dreams: