Like most people, I like to get a lot of bang for my buck. Nothing makes me feel better than investing in a piece of clothing only to whittle the price down by wearing it a lot. It’s like fashion math. In my head I’m all “if I buy that $100 top and wear it 50 times in my life, then it’s really a $2/wear kind of top” and THAT is totally something I can get behind! Call it whatever you want – justification? – I’m guilty.

A few weeks back I found this really cute dress (similar option HERE) in the juniors department at Nordstrom for $42. It’s a print that I wouldn’t normally go for, but I loved the simple 90’s-esque lines and I just felt like the dress was calling my name! It definitely runs small (it fits a little tight around the top of the bust/neckline, of all places) so if you decide you have to have it, I’d size up!

Here’s the dress styled 11 ways. Click the images to shop!

This dress is going to get a lot of milage. The outfit combinations are seemingly endless despite the fact that it’s a print! Plus it’s fantastic for a high/low look – I can pair it with a few other inexpensive things and an investment piece or two and the whole outfit feels more expensive than it really is. Definitely $42 well spent!

Those are just 11 ways – I can already think of a bunch more. How would you wear it?